Pt2.1 - Engineering Goals

1.1 Roles & Timeline

Wheel Engineer
Drivetrain Manager
Project Manager
Chassis Engineer
Elaboration of Roles
1. Responsible for wheel choice and design
2. Sources material for wheels
3. Works with Drivetrain to determine wheel to axle ration and attachment
1. Responsible for developing system to transfer energy from the engine to the wheels.
2. Ensures proper testing and documentation of all drivetrain components
1.Responsible for all documentation and ‘care’ of mousetrap
2. Ensures that all task are completed and documented on time
3. Has final say on any issue that cannot be settled by consensus
1. Responsible for the look and function of body (Chassis) of the car
2. Sources all material for Chassis
3. Works with Drivetrain and Wheel Engineers to ensure function and look of wheels and drivetrain components

Term 1 Week 8
  1. Roles & Timeline
  2. Engineering Goals & Brainstorming
Term 1 Week 9
  1. Evaluation & decision Matrices
  2. Design Rationales
Term 2 Week 1
  1. Construction of Prototype
Term 2 Week 1 - 2
  1. Testing & modification
  2. Final Assessment
  3. Post Discussion

1.2 Engineering Goals & Brainstorming

Various Design Criterion's (Features of mousetrap car)
Aspects that are important
Weight of the mouse trap car
The weight of the car refers to gravitational force pulling the car down towards the earth which is affected by the car’s mass. The greater an object’s mass, the greater its inertia and the larger the force need to be applied to make the object move.

Wheels of the mouse trap car
Different wheels have the different surface areas in contact with the ground & different roughness, both affecting the friction acting against the wheels. Some wheels also offer better stability compared to others. Also, the bigger the wheels, the greater distance the car can travel within each oscillation compared to one oscillation of smaller wheels, hence allowing the car to travel further in the same amount of time.

Material of the mouse trap car
The material used will relate to the weight of the mouse trap car, affecting the distance traveled. The material of the car must also be cheap and affordable while being able to support the car without breaking (strength).

Shape/Size of the mouse trap car
The shape of the mouse trap car is also very important as it affects how far the car travels. The greater its surface area, the greater the air resistance opposing the motion of the car. The more streamlined the body, the lower the resistance acting upon it to slow it down. Therefore, it would take a longer time for the car to come to a stop.

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